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Dear friends and family,

It is that time again. Please PRAY for:


If it is easier to remember the initials W.I.S.H. Our wish is that each of you pray for us for Wisdom, Integrity, Safety, Health. Thank you for your prayers and may God richly bless you.

  • WISDOM: as we have many issues to deal with in building a house or two, possibly a church; find 7 new children who HCTH will sponsor; counselling many adults and youth; visiting many schools; purchasing a house for children, dealing with different cultures; finding a university for at least 3 more youth; purchasing over almost $6,000 in gift certificates for goats, pigs, chickens, mosquito nets, bicycles etc. and much more                   

  • INTEGRITY: We pray that we will be SALT and LIGHT in the Dark Continent. We need to do what we say, be where we say we will be, be there when we say we will be there and show God's love to a hurting people

  • SAFETY: Pray for safety as we travel in planes, buses, taxi cars, taxi motorcycles; ride bicycles, drive a motorcycle in Uganda and walk the roads. Roads are very dangerous in Africa. Motorcycle taxis in Kampala are especially dangerous.

  • HEALTH: Pray for good health for Cheryl and I. We could not do anything without the good health God gives us.

  • The local people in each country who help with our ministry and oversee the children in schools.

  • Upcoming speaking engagements plus the opportunity to share more about the ministry of Helping Cope Through Hope!

Tom and Cheryl

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